John 3:1-17 (2nd Sunday in Lent) – March 5th, 2023

I’d argue that many of us are more like Nicodemus in our faith journeys that some of the other characters that we will hear about this Lenten season. Many of us have ups and downs in our faith and Nicodemus is a character that tells us that that’s okay. We can ask hard questions that bother us, and Jesus does not shy from those questions. We can ask for more time to listen to the Word so that we can be in a better place to hear the message. We can participate in the rituals, not knowing all the ins and outs of the theology, and it can still be holy and faithful. If we only preach on Nicodemus as a foil for the Woman at the well, then we miss a huge opportunity to preach to those who are struggling with their faith. We miss a huge opportunity to preach to family members that are concerned about their children or grandchildren not experiencing Jesus. We miss a huge opportunity connect with a character that learns and grows and isn’t just immediately “perfect.” This Sunday is an opportunity to preach on doubt, questions, and the growth of faith.

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