Micah Krey is a Lutheran Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and currently serves as the Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Cockeysville, MD.

Micah is a recovering alcoholic who started his path of recovery in November 2014. His recovery was only possible because of his family, friends, and the church.  It was this community that walked with him in the early days of his sobriety and helped him to stay safe and always remember that he is loved. Micah has since realized that his call to ministry and his recovery are deeply interwoven and that his experience of death and resurrection are a story that he can share to help others in their recovery and to help others see the love of God in their lives.

Micah is currently enrolled in the STM program at United Lutheran Seminary. He is focusing on Biblical Studies and his commentary takes a narrative and historical approach around the Gospel author’s intention and audience. 

Micah is married to the amazing Pastor Sarah Garrett Krey who is the Assistant to the Bishop for Mobility and Candidacy in the Metro DC Synod. Micah knows that he would not be able to do his ministry without her love and support. Micah is so grateful for her incredible insight and suggestions and even more grateful that she always pushes him to move forward for the good of God’s people and God’s Kin-dom.

Micah loves music, baseball (the Phillies), football (The Eagles), basketball (The 76ers and Villanova), and table-top games (D&D).

To contact Micah, click here.

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